WCC-APR 37th General Assembly, 2018

29 August - 02 September, 2018

Kathmandu, Nepal

Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal

Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal was established in 1972 to enhance and promote handicraft trade and industry. Originally, its name was Handicraft Association of Nepal (HAN). It is registered under Institution Registration Act of Nepal. It is a service-oriented non-profit organization of private sector business and artisan community. It helps its members to improve their productivity, explore markets and introduce them to the international arena. It also works as a liaison between its members and the Government and Non-Government Organizations. It is consist of over 1500 artists/ artisans, entrepreneurs, industrialists, exporters, traders of Nepalese Handicrafts.


  • Work towards the development, promotion & growth of the handicraft industry and trade.
  • Encourage Nepalese artisans to adopt traditional handicrafts production as a profession, so as to preserve their cultural heritage, revive it, and promote it worldwide.
  • Strive towards upgrading the quality of handicrafts, through innovation and design intervention, to meet the demand of the local & international markets.
  • Urge the Nepalese Government to support the handicrafts sector by formulating policies/programs suitable to the development of handicraft industry and trade.

Exporting Handicrafts of Nepal

Pashmina Products

 Woolen Goods

Felt Products

Silk Products

Cotton Goods

Hemp Goods

Allo Goods

Dhaka Products
Miscellaneous Textile Products

Silver Jewelry

Metal Craft

Handmade Paper Products

 Wood Craft

Glass Products 

Bone & Horn Products

Crystal Products
 Ceramics Products

 Leather Goods


 Plastic Items

Paubha (Thanka)

Beads Items

 Stone Craft

Bamboo Products